Zero Swap

Zero Swap is a new generation Decentralized Exchange that uses SHIMMER - ASSEMBLY - IOTA technologies to empower its community.

The #1 IOTA
Descentralized Exchange

That completely eliminates fees and also
allows staking of Genesis NFT to the DAO community.
Join our community and be part of the change.
The future is here.

Standard NFT

0 exchange fees

Genesis NFT

0 exchange fees

Participation in the Zero Swap DAO

Direct access to the private pre-sale of TOKEN Zeros

Access to Zero Swap TOKEN Zeros Airdrop


To compete with better fees than other exchanges on the IOTA network.

Fees are distributed

Monthly among all wallets that have Genesis NFT.

NFT Genesis

Owners will receive 2 NFT Standard upon sale of the initial 5000.


Want to jell with the project?
Contact us on social media, and let us know how!